About WSU


The formation of the World Seabird Union was one of the achievements of the 1st World Seabird Conference, held in Victoria, Canada, September 7-11, 2010.  The WSU is a consortium (non-profit, non-governmental organization) of all 21 of the world’s main regional and international seabird research and conservation organizations, and established its non-profit status in 2012.

The 2nd World Seabird Conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa from October 26 – October 30, 2015.  Just under 600 delegates from 52 countries attended the conference for series of oral presentations, symposia, workshops, two poster sessions and networking opportunities.

The goal of the WSU is to serve as a global network of seabird organizations to enhance seabird conservation and research. Seabirds.net is the global information portal for the World Seabird Union dedicated to the facilitation of communication and data sharing between seabird scientists around the world.

WSU Member Organizations

2015 – 2021 World Seabird Union Board Members

Patrick Jodice, Chair* Chair term ended 2020
Nicholas Carlile, Vice-Chair * Interim chair for 2021
David Irons, Past-Chair
Betty Anne Schreiber, Treasurer
Kees Camphuysen, Secretary
Ross Wanless, Regional Representative – Africa/Indian Ocean
Taryn Morris, Alternate Regional Representative – Africa/Indian Ocean
Yutaka Watanuki, Regional Representative – Asia
Akinori Takahashi, Alternate Regional Representative – Asia
Peter Dann, Regional Representative – Australasia
Chris Gaskin, Alternate Regional Representative – Australasia
Liz Humphries, Regional Representative – Europe
Pedro Geraldes, Alternate Regional Representative – Europe
Kim Nelson, Regional Representative – North America
Ken Morgan, Alternate Regional Representative – North America
Pablo Yorio, Regional Representative – South America
Carlos Zavalaga, Alternate Regional Representative – South America

World Seabird Union Mission Statement

The World Seabird Union’s mission is to place seabird research, management, and conservation into a worldwide perspective. Our vision is to aid in creating global partnerships that will continue into the future by sharing research, knowledge, and ideas on a global level.

Visit the WSU home at Seabirds.net

Seabirds.net is the home of the WSU and is  dedicated to the facilitation of communication and data sharing between seabird scientists around the world. Our initiative began in 2007 and has been supported by major global seabird organizations in all corners of the globe.