Early Career Scientists

The Early Career Scientist Committee has many activities for the scientists and conservationists attending the conference who are in the early stages of their careers. If you are an experienced seabird biologist and have other ideas concerning ECS or would like to participate in these activities email the ECS Committee Chair, Juliet Lamb at

ECS Definition

An Early Career Scientist is defined as one who is within the first five (5) years of their careers in, or related to, seabird research/study/conservation/management.  The five (5) years is counted from the completion of the most recent degree (Masters/Honours/PhD).

World Seabird Video Project

Seabirders live and work in some incredible places. As we prepare for the Third World Seabird Conference, the WSU Early Career Scientists’ Committee is shining a spotlight on some of these places in a series we’re calling “World of Seabirds.”

We’re collecting video introductions to seabird colonies around the world, which we’ll be posting on the World Seabird Union YouTube channel along with live Q&A sessions with scientists starting in September/October 2019. We hope you’ll join us by submitting your own video at https://tinyurl.com/field-site-videos!

For details on how to make and submit your videos, please click the following links for full instructions in English, Spanish, French, and Japanese, and contact with any questions.

World Seabird Union Mission Statement

The World Seabird Union’s mission is to place seabird research, management, and conservation into a worldwide perspective. Our vision is to aid in creating global partnerships that will continue into the future by sharing research, knowledge, and ideas on a global level.

Visit the WSU home at Seabirds.net

Seabirds.net is the home of the WSU and is  dedicated to the facilitation of communication and data sharing between seabird scientists around the world. Our initiative began in 2007 and has been supported by major global seabird organizations in all corners of the globe.