The 2nd World Seabird Conference Program featured over 400 presentations reflecting the work and research of over 1700 individual authors and presenters.  These presentations provided insight into current practices and ideas for the future to advance the science, research, collaboration and management of seabirds in the coming years.

The 2nd World Seabird Conference Program included:

  • Symposia Sessions (Click here for a description of the Symposia and Workshop Sessions)
  • Parallel Sessions
  • Poster Presentations divided into two Poster Sessions lasting two days each with each Poster session featuring topic areas generally reflecting the oral presentations during the two days
  • WSC Legacy Workshops to generate input and discussion on improving access to, and use of, information and data on seabirds which would benefit from interaction and integration at regional and/or global scales.  These are identified as Workshops in the program.

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There were updates to the sessions after the program was printed.  To view each individual day’s sessions, please click the appropriate date.

Tuesday October 27

Wednesday October 28

Thursday October 29

Friday October 30