Social Activities & Non-Scientific Sessions

Join us for a variety of social events and non-scientific sessions throughout the conference week.  These events are open to all conference attendees and will be accessed through the virtual conference platform, Underline.

Conference Bingo

Throughout the conference

Want to experience WSC3 in a different way? Try playing conference bingo! Pick up your bingo card at the start of the conference, collect different experiences throughout the conference space, and turn it in at the end.

The link to pick up the bingo card can be found in the Virtual conference platform, accessible to all conference delegates.

Games and Trivia

Tuesday October 5, 18:00 UTC
Thursday October 7, 03:15 UTC

If you’re interested in some fun and socializing during the conference, join us for one of the two trivia competitions being offered. Teams of up to six participants will compete in some awesome general trivia (we’ll even throw in some seabird-related questions to add some spice). All you need to do is show up in the Gather space social room for the session that works best for your time zone. Come show off all your random knowledge and enjoy the company of other conference attendees!

Ecogrief Session with Sandra Radovini

Monday October 4, 21:00 UTC

Chaired by: Céline Albert, Stephanie Borrelle, Jennifer Lavers

Eco-grief, eco-anxiety, or anticipatory grief is broadly defined as ‘the grief reaction stemming from the environmental loss of ecosystems by natural and man-made events.’ Recognised as a increasingly common psychological affliction, groups of scientists researching climate and biodiversity are seeking peer and professional support to manage the mental health impacts.

Our community faces ecogrief every day when studying the effects of human activities on seabirds, persistently declining populations and seemingly intractable global challenges. At the 3rd World Seabird Conference being held in the midst of a global pandemic, we believed it was time to open a dialogue about ecogrief and how it affects us. This will be an opportunity to connect with others, to build a global seabird community support network, and share ways we deal with ecogrief and anxiety as we continue to work to conserve and better understand seabirds and their ecologies.

The session will consists on a ~25 minutes presentation (recorded), followed by ~25 minutes a question session (not recorded) and finally a break out session ~ 40 minutes for those interested continuing talking about the topic in smaller groups. 

Special Guest: Associate Professor Sandra Radovini (@Prof_Rad) is a Consultant Psychiatrist at The University of Melbourne and Director of Mindful, the Victorian state-wide Child & Adolescent Mental Health teaching and training unit for professionals working with children, young people and their families. Sandra has held a number of key leadership positions in Australian Mental Health: as the inaugural Chief Child Psychiatrist (2009–11), in the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist with the Victorian Department of Health and as the inaugural Clinical Director of headspace – National Youth Mental Health Foundation (2012–16). In 2019, Sandra joined the Homeward Bound Program as on-board independent Mental Health clinician. During this incredible journey to Antarctica, she gave an inspiring talk about mental health for women working in STEMM, she shared tools and opportunities to discuss the challenges of working in the environmental sector for the Homeward Bound participants. Sandra has also worked with scientists involved in the AR6 IPCC Climate Change Report to consider how to manage ecogrief and anxiety associated with this field.

Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday October 6, 18:00 UTC

Want to experience WSC3 in a different way and meet new people? Try joining us for conference bingo or a scavenger hunt! Pick up your bingo card at the start of the conference and fill it out as you go. The scavenger hunt will take place on October 6th at 1800 UTC — raid your closets for obscure seabird-related items to score points for your team. Winners will receive fame, fortune, and/or conference swag.

To join the Scavenger Hunt, meet in in the Games room on October 6 to begin the search!


Seabird Sessions

Wednesday October 6, 18:00 UTC
Thursday October 7, 06:00 UTC

Seabird Sessions came about at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as a way of bringing together people from all over the world to talk about the latest seabird science in an informal and relaxed setting. Join Marianna Chimienti, David Gremillet and Grant Humphries on Zoom where they’ll summarize two papers and then interview the authors, followed by an informal Q&A session. Access to this session will be through the virtual conference platform, Underline.

On Wednesday October 6 at 18:00 UTC we’ll be discussing two papers on tracking multiple species of seabirds in the North Atlantic:

Davies, T.E., Carneiro, A.P., Tarzia, M., Wakefield, E., Hennicke, J.C., Frederiksen, M., Hansen, E.S., Campos, B., Hazin, C., Lascelles, B. and Anker‐Nilssen, T., 2021. Multispecies tracking reveals a major seabird hotspot in the North Atlantic. Conservation Letters, p.e12824.


Wakefield, E.D., Miller, D.L., Bond, S.L., le Bouard, F., Carvalho, P.C., Catry, P., Dilley, B.J., Fifield, D.A., Gjerdrum, C., González-Solís, J. and Hogan, H., 2021. The summer distribution, habitat associations and abundance of seabirds in the sub-polar frontal zone of the Northwest Atlantic. Progress in Oceanography, 198, p.102657.


While on Thursday October 7 at 06:00 UTC we’ll be discussing impacts of extreme environmental conditions

the impact of extreme environmental conditions:

Fromant, A., Delord, K., Bost, C.A., Eizenberg, Y.H., Botha, J.A., Cherel, Y., Bustamante, P., Gardner, B.R., Brault-Favrou, M., Lec’Hvien, A. and Arnould, J.P., 2021. Impact of extreme environmental conditions: Foraging behaviour and trophic ecology responses of a diving seabird, the common diving petrel. Progress in Oceanography, p.102676.

Glencross, J.S., Lavers, J.L. and Woehler, E.J., 2021. Breeding success of short-tailed shearwaters following extreme environmental conditions. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 672, pp.193-203.

Moving Abroad Sessions

Thursday October 7, 16:15 UTC
Friday October 8, 02:15 UTC

Like the birds we study, seabird scientists regularly travel across international borders. Unfortunately, our version involves a lot more paperwork. Are you planning an international move for a graduate position, post-doc, or job? Interested in working in another country but not sure where to start? Or do you want to share your own hard-earned wisdom? Come meet other early-career seabirders to discuss and demystify all things international.


Cultural aspects of seabird conservation with Kawika Winter

Thursday October 7, 22:00 UTC

Join us to hear from Dr. Kawika Winter on the cultural aspects of seabird conservation.

As conventional approaches to biodiversity conservation continue to fall short of conservation goals, many are looking to the approaches of Indigenous Peoples as alternatives.  Indigenous Peoples have been managing and conserving biodiversity and associated habitats for millennia as existential components of their cultures.  Deeper explorations into Indigenous resource management lead to an understanding of an Indigenous worldview that can shape more effective conservation approaches in the Anthropocene.  Such an approach can be applied to seabird conservation.   The Indigenous Peoples of Oceania have many notable relationships with seabirds.  We will look at the topic of seabird conservation and management through that lens.

Kawika Winter is a biocultural ecologist with a research focus in Indigenous resource management. He is also engaged in policy in the realms of conservation, sustainability, and Indigenous rights in local, national, and international spheres.


Seabird Podcasts

Variety of dates and times

Join Grant Williams of the Bird Emergency Podcast to hear from a variety of seabird researchers and for discussions on important seabird conservation issues throughout the conference dates.


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