Workshop Summaries

One of the main objectives of the the 1st World Seabird Conference was to hold discussions on establishing, facilitating and/or improving access to, and use of, information and data on seabirds which would benefit from interaction and integration of regional and/or global scales.

Workshops at the 1st WSC were organized into two groups:

(1) Legacy Workshops on Global Seabird Web Portals, Indices, and Databases
(2) Invited Sessions Workshops

Legacy Workshops on Global Seabird Web Portals, Indices, Databases
Introduction to the Aims of the Global Seabird Legacy Workshops [abstract.pdf]
Seabird Web Portal: [abstract.pdf]
Introduction to Linking Seabird Databases [abstract.pdf]
Distributed versus Centralized Databases: decision points [abstract.pdf]
World Seabird Colony Register [powerpoint.pdf]  [abstract.pdf]
Tracking Marine Ecosystem Response through Seabird Mortality Events [powerpoint.pdf]  [abstract.pdf]
World Seabird Governing Committee [powerpoint.pdf]  [abstract.pdf]
World Seabird Monitoring Database [powerpoint.pdf]  [abstract.pdf]
Seabird Productivity Index [powerpoint.pdf]  [abstract.pdf]
Seabird Tracking  & Seabird At-Sea Survey Databases
[part of multi-powerpoint.pdf]  [abstract.pdf[abstract.pdf]
Invited Sessions Workshops
Marine Debris [powerpoint.pdf]
Spatial Ecology [powerpoint.pdf]
Island Ecology and Restoration [powerpoint.pdf]
Seabird Fisheries Interactions [powerpoint.pdf]