WSC 2015

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The 2nd World Seabird Conference Program featured over 400 presentations reflecting the work and research of over 1700 individual authors and presenters.  These presentations provided insight into current practices and ideas for the future to advance the science, research, collaboration and management of seabirds in the coming years.

The 2nd World Seabird Conference Program included:

  • Symposia Sessions
  • Parallel Sessions
  • Poster Presentations divided into two Poster Sessions lasting two days each with each Poster session featuring topic areas generally reflecting the oral presentations during the two days
  • WSC Legacy Workshops to generate input and discussion on improving access to, and use of, information and data on seabirds which would benefit from interaction and integration at regional and/or global scales.  These are identified as Workshops in the program.

Note: There were updates to the sessions after the program was printed.  To view each individual day’s sessions, please click the appropriate date.

Tuesday October 27

Wednesday October 28

Thursday October 29

Friday October 30

Leadership Committees

Executive Committee (EXCO)

  • David Irons (Chair)
  • Ross Wanless
  • Peter Ryan
  • Kim Nelson
  • Fiona McDuie
  • Grant Humphries
  • Anton Wolfaardt
  • Patricia Mancini
  • John Croxall
  • Ken Morgan

Local Arrangements Committee (LC)

  • Ross Wanless (Chair)
  • Lisa Nupen
  • John Cooper
  • Andrea Angel
  • Katrin Ludynia

Scientific Program Committee (SPC)

  • Peter Ryan (Chair)
  • Ban Lascelles
  • Pat Jodice
  • Peter Dann
  • William Sydeman
  • Carlos Zavalaga
  • Jennifer Lavers
  • Kees Camphuysen
  • Michelle Kappes

International Fundraising Committee (IFC)

  • Kim Nelson (Chair)
  • Dave Irons
  • Bill Sydeman
  • Melanie Steinkamp
  • Robb Kaler
  • Rob Suryan
  • Jennifer Wheeler
  • Betty Anne Schreiber
  • Vernon Head
  • John Croxall

Legacy Initiatives Committee (LIC)

  • John Croxall (Chair)
  • David Irons
  • Ross Wanless
  • Peter Hodum
  • Nicholas Carlile
  • Graeme Taylor
  • Jo Smith
  • Will Mackin
  • Ben Sullivan
  • Hannahrose Nevins
  • Kees Camphuysen
  • Grant Humphries
  • Ben Lascelles
  • Jeff Mangel
  • Sofia Copello
  • Rob Kaler
  • Rob Suryan
  • Louise Blight
  • Kathy Kuletz

Student Paper Awards Committee (SPAC)

  • Patricia Mancini (Chair)
  • Antje Steinfurth
  • Ursula Ellenberg
  • Hannahrose Nevins

Communications Committee (CC)

  • Grant Humphries (Chair)
  • Michell Goh
  • Martin Berg
  • Rory Crawford
  • Christina Hagen

Early Career Scientist Committee (ECSC)

  • Fiona McDuie (Chair)
  • Sjurour Hammer
  • Alex Robbins
  • Nicola Amer
  • Julia Sommerfeld
  • Amanda Gladics
  • Lorien Pichegru

Travel Awards Committee (TAC)

  • Anton Wolfaardt (Co-Chair)
  • Ken Morgan (Co-Chair)
  • Juan Pablo Seco Pon
  • Yuna Kim
  • Richard Phillips
  • Joanna Alfaro Shigueto
  • Mayumi Sato
  • Eric Woehler
  • Russell Wynn
Student Award Winners

The following students were recognized for the quality of their work and presentation at the 2nd World Seabird Conference.

Student Poster Award Winners

First place

Alice Trevail
“Elevated Levels of Plastic Ingestion in a High-Arctic Seabird”
Sponsored by:



Second place

Holly Hennin
“Proximate mechanisms driving life history decisions in a mixed-strategy breeder” P2-H-163
Sponsored by:
BL and HBW logos



Third place

Orgeret Florian
“At-sea distribution and diving activity of juveniles king penguin in the Southern Ocean” P1-D-53
Sponsored by:
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Student Oral Presentation Award Winners

First place

Thomas Clay
“A lifetime of risk? Individual consistency in albatross movement strategies and overlap with fisheries”
Sponsored by:



Second place

Rachael Sagar
“Can’t touch this: the impact of regular handling on the growth and stress physiology of nutritionally compromised mottled petrel chicks”
Sponsored by:
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Third place

Yuna Kim
“Foraging ecology of the threatened Gould’s Petrel: implications for conservation”
Sponsored by:
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Honourable Mentions

  • Thomas Otto Whitehead – Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology
  • Holly Hennin – University of Windsor
  • Abe Borker – University of California
  • Kate Robinson – University of Cape Town
  • Jonathan Handley – Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • Michael Schrimpf – Stony Brook University
  • Davide Gaglio – Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology


A special thank you to the Student Award Sponsors and the Student Awards Committee for their work during the conference to determine the winners.

Horizontal Student Awards Logos


African Penguin
$1,000 – $4,999 US 
David Irons

Bank Cormorant
$100 – $249 
Kim Nelson
Geir Skeie
Cathrine Stephansen
Yutaka Watanuki

Royal Tern
less than $100 US
Elizabeth Flint
Douglas Forsell
Chris Gaskin
Stefanie Ismar
Nina Karnovsky
Matthew McKown
Pamela Michael
Teresa Militao
Yan Ropert-Coudert
Jennifer Wheeler

Media Coverage

Marine Ecology Progress Series – Individual variability in seabird foraging and migration 2017, Volume 578